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The solutions we offer, coupled with our main vocation in providing services, guarantees added value to your business, ensuring that your company’s success is our success.


Intervention Areas

Connektor is firmly committed to the quality and differentiation of its services and solutions.

Banking and Identification Systems

We are specialists in equipment for the banking market. Market leaders in the maintenance and marketing of card personalization machines, card-mailing, pins', sorting of cards and envelopes.
We also offer other solutions such as currency staining systems.

Retail and Security

We have extensive experience in the retail and value-chain (ETV) businesses, with a wide range of security solutions for the collection, delivery and storage of the entire cash handling cycle.
This type of solution is materialized in equipment for detecting, counting, recirculating and currency separation and coins, deposit systems, transfer machines and securities transport with currency staining systems.

Graphic Industry

We are a certified company for the maintenance of industrial equipment.
We commercialize and maintain equipment in the graphic area, such as mailing, sorting, packing or finishing

We bet on
international expansion.

Origin and Evolution

The company Diusframi S.A., based in Spain, bet on the Portuguese market at the beginning of the year 2003, due to the need to expand, already solid knowledge in the business of maintenance to Self-Banking equipment and production equipment.

The natural evolution of this expansion led to the birth of Connektor, previously named Diusframi Sistemas, at the beginning of 2007, due to the specific nature of its services and products, reinforcing its specialty in the maintenance of production equipment, card personalization and self-banking. The bet on the commercial side appears at the same time, having since assumed commitments with manufacturers of international reputation.

In 2012, Connektor started to expand its business areas, creating the Diusframi Sistemas Group, hosting the companies Best-Id, TSTTrust Tecnologias and Cult of Bits.

With this new attitude in the market, it was possible to boost high profits with our customers and once again reinforce the Group’s image.

International Bet

Diusframi Sistemas intends to follow the growth of its customers and partners, thus offering a global and international service in an increasingly technological world.

This is why there is an expansion of the Iberian Group across borders. To date, internationalization has already taken place in several countries, such as Brazil, Mozambique and Mexico, and also has commercial presence in countries such as Angola, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Chile.

This growth opens new technological opportunities and new partnerships, both in the national and international market, enabling Connektor to monitor the growth and expansion of the brands it represents and the clients it works with.

We offer a complete solution of personalization of cards, low or high volume, both financial and identification.
We offer our customers a value-added service, combined with high efficiency equipment, always using the latest technologies.



Consistency and respect in our service are fundamental to us. Our main mission is to develop lasting partnerships to provide excellent services, adding value to our customers, contributing to their strategic and competitive development, and achieving market recognition as an innovative and reference organization, focusing on a dynamic of Continuous improvement of the company’s processes and promoting compliance with the legal, regulatory and quality requirements of our Quality Management System.



We aim to achieve market recognition as an innovative, competitive and benchmark organization in the maintenance market for production equipment.

We seek to expand to other customers and to new markets, with the bet on the commercialization of innovative products and of unquestionable reliability, always with the commitment of continuous improvement.



Connektor’s strategy is to gain and maintain trust with our customers and partners for the professionalism and dedication with which we strive. We impose a suitable position on the services we provide and how we act. The approach adopted is that of a high-quality service, something easily proven by the current satisfaction of our customers.

Our Clients

Our Partners